Transmission and Telephone

Poles are treated to SABS 754 or SABS 753 standards, however any required specification can be adhered to.


Fence and Building poles

Fence and Building poles are manufactured in accordance to SABS 457 Specification. The poles vary in size see the chart below of stock sizes, additional sizes can be prepared as a special order.


Droppers and Laths

Droppers and laths are made from the Eucalyptus species. Timber is treated according to the intended timber application.


Quality Statement

the staff at pole africa are dedicated to delivering the best quality products at the best prices to our clients.

we ensure that:

  1. we deliver orders on time.
  2. comply with local quality management systems.
  3. develop and empower our staff.
  4. deliver customer satisfaction
  5. source the best possible timber.
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